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Fly toward your Joy!

This witness has been spreading her wings to check out areas of this country that had previously been hidden to me.

Most recently, El Juglador and I traveled to Miami, where much of my family lives, and have been experiencing different worlds within the one we had known before. Those experiences include questions I had never muttered before. What is causing cancers that were never prevalent before? Why are so many suffering from allergies they had never before experienced? How are birds echoing whistles we taught their brothers miles away? Why do we avoid asking about people we wish were not in our life? Why do we prefer to think only of ourselves? Why do people prefer to remember the person you used to be rather than the new person you are? Why does the matrix entangle us so much that we can’t do what we really want?

No matter, really. The person you become when you start thinking about your thinking IS. It is the part of you that can find your Joy.

Joy is not found in the things you do or the people you know. It can not be bought at a store or found in a treasure chest. True joy, the kind that validates the Why of living, is found by doing what burns in your soul. I have found that it can be found when you listen to that little voice within yourself, in your gut, in your God essence, and ACT on what your heart calls out. Are you really alive in your day-to-day life? If not, why are you living someone else’s Joy?

If you are living your truth, congratulations, my friend. Keep going strong in your Truth and stand up for yourself, even with well-meaning loved ones who don’t understand. Maybe your Joy can be contagious. Maybe one day we’ll all be living in Joy and Truth, truly understanding why we were placed on this Being known as Gaia, truly understanding the quantum entanglement of Life.

The birds can be your brothers, as can the dragonflies, the trees, that park bench made from former living trees, that vehicle created with a myriad of Gaia’s gifts.

Think about your thinking, my friends, then think about your actions, connect it with the saying, As Above, So Below, then aim a little higher, outside the 3D existence, into the 4th, maybe even the 5th.

Shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars.

… as for us, we’re on the road again… 

The Biggest Truth

Oh, the roads I have travelled since the Dragonfly Teacher first entered my life …. He was the jokester, the big brother, the wise uncle and, finally, the all-knowing teacher who led me down a path I didn’t know I was traveling until I was almost at my destination. Yet one of the most precious lessons I learned is one I haven’t felt free to voice to you, dear reader.

I’m ready today.

There is an awakening going on all over the world. Chances are, if you are following this blog, you sense it, too. The thing is, no matter how many of us are awakening, there is still something that keeps people from admitting the biggest Truth.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16 KJV)

Being Christian is not acceptable in this world.

For many years, as a journalist, then as a teacher and the wife of a wonderful man who is agnostic, I kept my faith hidden except from my sons. You see, it is okay to say you believe in ghosts and super heroes, but it is still not acceptable to tell the world you believe in a Creator and His Son and the Most Holy Spirit.

The dragonfly led me to acknowledge and accept the burning drive in my soul to stand up and be counted. And, when the time was right, I was finally able to do as Yeshua (Jesus) told his followers …

“If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” (Matthew 16:24 KJV)

It hasn’t been easy. I have left my hometown and my family. I was fortunate in that my sons were young men, but I will still be judged for leaving them and their father to find myself. I understand that truth and it cuts me deeply whenever I think about it. The only point I must make here is that something in my soul was dying. I was lost. Only my faith in Yeshua and our Heavenly Father kept me from drowning. God knows where my lost soul would have taken me.

I could find no home in a temple built by man. I sought and found God within me. The more I discovered, though, the more separated I felt from those in the physical world around me. The need to uncover the truth within me drove me away from everyone and everything I knew. That’s the way it has to be. The best way (and, for me, the only way) to truly repent the sins that have driven us from God is to separate ourselves from that world that embraced us when we were falling away from the One Source. Once I started finding my Truth, my thirst for more became unquenchable.

Many are as confused as I was, I know. We don’t understand why we’re unhappy. We seek comfort in a bottle or the medicine cabinet or the “boob” tube, among other things, but that comfort is fleeting. We look for something that sparks our soul, not knowing if we’ll recognize it when it slaps us across the face. Now, looking back on the past two years, I have identified that “a-ha” moment that started me on this new road.

At seventeen, I wrote in my diary that one day I would be traveling across the country with a chocolate lab and a camera. That thought hovered in my subconscious for thirty years until a puppy came into my life. Minnah looked like a small chocolate lab puppy and she fit into that knowing from my youth. The fire of recognition sparked as I plotted my travels; it grew into a flame. Now, two years later, I am living that Knowing that I had as a youth, and I’ve never felt more at one with my Creator. The New Age groups I encountered along the way eventually dimmed the fire, so my journey continued alone for a long while until I met my latest teacher, El Juglador, who continues to guide me down the path that called us both. I thank God every day for allowing me such a teacher. I am blessed with continued lessons.

I must admit I had to make some drastic changes and repent in order to feel I was right with God – not because of a supposed Judgment from an overpowering Lord but because. as a “sinner,” I felt unworthy to enter into the presence of the Almighty. Papa Dios, is what I called Him when I was a child, my Eternal Father, in essence.

There’s something in the air

Many are feeling a burning in their soul or a sense of dis-ease with their life. They may look at what I’ve done and consider it too drastic for them. I get that! I can’t expect anyone to do what I’ve done. It took faith and luck and an awful lot of good timing and help from above.

These past two years have taken me on a roller coaster ride like no other. I have changed in ways I could never have imagined. The things that mattered to me before don’t even measure a blip on my radar screen right now. The things that matter to me now did not even exist as possibilities for my reality.

Now that I am living my Truth, I am at peace. I feel protected. He loves me. I’ve never been more sure about it and it has never been as palpable an emotion as it is today. There’s no question. I am loved regardless of whether I follow His will or rebel. Following His path, however, is what feels right to me.

Let me tell you something else, my friends. As children of the eternal Creator, we are all loved. I am not alone. The Love our Creator has for you is deeper and truer than anything you can ever imagine.

The Lord is saddened by the distance that separates us from Him. It is a distance created by man, not by God. He is the Father from the story of the Prodigal Son who welcomes his long-lost son with an embrace. He is neither judgmental nor egalitarian. There is no need for hell nor reincarnation if during this life we accept the fact of His Love and His gift of his only begotten Son, the Christ who leads us Home, but each must follow the Christ Within. Find the Truth that lies hidden in your soul and spark it back into existence.

Accept it, my friends. Live it.

All my love to you,

The Dragonfly’s Student

The Hopi legend of the Two Paths

The first day I was in Hopi Land this year, my dear friend and I happened upon a flat mesa overlooking the road that connects the three mesas. We assumed we were standing on Second Mesa, so we set up camp near a cement picnic table. Then we took a walk, following Minnah. She led us to a rock we’d heard about but never expected to run into so easily.

This is Prophecy Rock, on which is detailed the future of mankind as told to Hopi Elders. The story goes that there are two paths the Hopi may take, one, the lower one, is the narrow but satisfying life of following Great Spirit. The other path is the one of the White Man’s technology. The picture recognizes that many will be swayed by that reality.

That prophecy is many times interpreted as a physical choice between the material and the natural – follow the White Man’s path or the path of the Hopi people. I wonder, though. What if the prophecy is more about the inner spirit of mankind and the constant battle with ourselves?

I’ve been thinking about this lately, about the two parts of me, especially.

Looking back over the last two years, I am faced with a truth. I feel like I was two people. One was the schoolteacher and fierce mama-bear for my two boys in this material reality. The second me was the writer who, in writing what was supposed to be my No. 1 Bestseller, stumbled upon a spiritual world of wonderment, peace, and connection with Source.

I hadn’t planned that story. I stumbled upon it one summer in Arizona in 2009, when I allowed the characters I had imagined create their own story. (Sounds weird, but many writers will tell you their characters dictate the direction of the story!)

After a few drafts of that story, and subsequent sequels that burned in me, I came to a HUGE realization. I was tapping into some higher realm in my writing trances. I was talking to something higher than this human body. My mind would take these downloads that I’d get and interpret them from the eyes of my characters.

Then I stepped back and took another look at what I’d been writing. There were lessons there and, when I looked at those lessons from my personal point of view (not my character’s), the lesson was LOUD, although not yet CLEAR.

That first story, about Meg and Kalen’s search for the final crystal, was about my own need to align myself to my own chakra points. Each crystal on their journey, was another chakra point on my own spiritual quest. I burned to learn Reiki, and, in learning that ancient technique, I connected more strongly with myself.

…. But I digress.

What I’ve been thinking about is the change I’ve gone through. Although I still love my boys and would fight for them if they needed me to, I am more than the schoolteacher. I am more than the writer who spoke to Spirit. I am more than this human existence.

And so are we all.

As I struggled with these two parts of me, one started to rebel. There was something in the two parts of me that wasn’t working for my soul, so I closed doors and walked away from the part of me that didn’t work for that part of me that burned in my soul.

I look back now and feel sadness for that part of me, but she wasn’t on the True Path, as the Hopi legend details. She was on the White Man’s Path of materialism. I had to look just right, I had to have the right electronics and clothes and beliefs. I wasn’t a bad person. I just felt empty inside. I couldn’t figure out what was missing.

Now I know.

I wasn’t listening to my heart, through which I think Spirit communicates. That part of me was telling me to step out of my reality. I wanted to help people. I wanted to learn more about myself. I wanted to follow the path of servant to others.

I now realize even that was wrong. The true path is the path of service to God and self. (Because by serving God, I allow that guidance to lead me to invariable service to others as God dictates.)

My point.

I’ve been through some tough lessons lately. I think the reason they have been tough is because I fought it for so long. If only I had followed that guidance in my heart more honestly so many years ago, what then? What if I hadn’t fought tooth and nail to retain my material self as my spiritual self grew?

My actions would not have seemed so drastic and sudden.

Like a cat left to wander a bird sanctuary unabated, I tried to make my two realities live in the human harmonics.

Spirit cannot live in the human reality unless its guidance is allowed to flower.

If I have any words of advice, my friends, it is this. When a passion burns in your heart … not in your head or your loins or your veins. When that passion does not desire the destruction of anyone and does not seek to covet the gifts of others. When that fire that burns in your heart is transparent and true. The best thing you can do is acknowledge it and give it the proper attention it requires.

The danger here, of course, is the need to study yourself and your motives. Until you can truly do that, you will be unable to move on.

Much love to you,

The Dragonfly’s Student


Love yourself first

“Inside all of us is a spark of the Creator, of Source. By loving ourselves and respecting our choices, we are loving and respecting the guidance of Source.”

I’m a shape-shifter, I think.

         I’m not saying I change my physical body like Odo on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  My malleability is more subtle. I’m empathic, so, to avoid controversial or destructive situations, I change, adapting my reactions to the reactions of others.

         It’s like I’m steering a boat down a river, avoiding sharp rocks and swirling waters. This doesn’t work out many times. Without a firm grip on my own directions, there are times my hand on the rudder slips and I end up getting lost.

         Today’s lesson, for me and for you, is simple.

         Love youself first.

         Inside all of us is a spark of the Creator, of Source. By loving ourselves and respecting our choices, we are loving and respecting the guidance of Source.

         By putting the opinion and feelings of others first, we are ignoring that spark within us.

         Of course, we need to differentiate between the guidance of Source and the desires of human tendencies that may not be duided by Source.

        That’s all.

        Many would agree it’s a difficult task, especially for those of us who would rather keep the seas calm and not rock the boat. Sometimes, rocking the boat is important so that we can understand where Source is leading our focus.

        Consider that sometimes the antagonist in your life situation is you, that part that won’t acknowledge the guiding power of the Creator.

        I’ve got a lot of paddling to do right now to steer myself back on my path. Fortunately, I’m still on the right river.

        I wish you good travels on that sea on which you navigate, my friends. May your stabilizers help you to keep the boat from tipping over.

Much love,

The Dragonfly’s Student




The question of color

“Challenge for today, my friends. Think about your thinking,” El Juglador mused. “I’m not asking for introspective thought; I’m asking you to actually think about your thinking. What makes you think the way you think? What makes your point of view so different from anyone else’s?”

With this dress debate of late, whether the dress is white and gold or black and blue, an interesting subject has been broached. Do we all see the same way?

Until this debate, I wondered if the color I see as orange could actually be someone else’s green. It was just a random question that I never tried to answer. I figured it didn’t matter.

Now, though, when I came out in the minority with my assertion that the dress is an off-white, I realized colors are truly subjective.

Then teacher (who sees the dress as black and blue), told me about the color blue.

“Unlike black and white, and later red, there is no mention of blue in ancient languages. None. Without a word for the color, did blue even exist before the modern age?”

That’s something to consider. Has everything we know now as gospel-truth always existed?

That’s a paradox that will be your thought for today, if the things we see cannot be proven to be the things the person next to us sees, how valuable is eye-witness testimony? How important is it to see things the same way if what we see cannot be proven to exist?

According to an item currently making its way around the internet, No One Could See The Color Blue Until Modern Times (http://www.businessinsider.com/what-is-blue-and-how-do-we-see-color-2015-2), “in The Odyssey, Homer famously describes the “wine-dark sea.” But why “wine-dark” and not deep blue or green?” (Business Insider. 27 February, 2015.)

“In 1858 a scholar named William Gladstone, who later became the prime minister of Great Britain, noticed that this wasn’t the only strange color description. Though the poet spends page after page describing the intricate details of clothing, armor, weaponry, facial features, animals, and more, his references to color are strange. Iron and sheep are violet; honey is green.” (Business Insider)

Gladstone counted color references in the book and discovered black and white mentions are 200 and 100 respectively. The mention of other colors average less than ten.

If blue didn’t really exist for our ancestors, I feel truly blessed in this day and age.

Did we live in a black-and-white world only gaining shades of color after the introduction of paint?

I wonder.

It makes me think that maybe we are changing as a society, only being allowed certain codes to the program when we are ready to accept them into our world. I wonder if somebody is holding the color gauges off until we’ve crossed a certain barrier.

Is this life we’re living now just a video game where we constantly work to level-up, gather coins, and save the princess? What if the perceived differences we have in this world are based on arguments as flimsy as the color of a dress?

So, new question: Who invented blue?

Enjoy the paradox, my friends.

The Dragonfly’s Student

The second chakra – The Sacral (orange)  

With this point in our development, we learn about the polarity of opposites (male/female, positive/negative.) This is where we explore our relationships with the opposite sex. Issues could include jealousy, betrayal, and power plays. Health issues include uterine or bladder problems, sexual difficulties, lower back pain, and problems with your large intestines.

Questions to ask yourself if you suspect an imbalance in this chakra include:

  1. Do you have issues with your own creativity or flexibility?

  2. Are you comfortable with your sexuality?

  3. Do you have control issues, either giving your power away in exchange for a favor or forcefully taking power away from others?

  4. Are you addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex, people or something else?

  5. Do you feel guilt, shame, or anger towards the past?

  6. Do you find it difficult to make money?

  7. Do you stand up for yourself…say what you mean and mean what you say?

  8. Do you make everything a crisis?

This one is difficult to talk about sometimes. Many of us have no problem admitting we can’t make money, although we tend to blame others for placing us in those situations, but the sexual aspect of this chakra is taboo to many in the “Puritan” American culture.

“What? Puritan America?” you may say.

Yes. This country suffers a split personality when it comes to this. In front of others, we claim a healthy, holy sex life where we judge others for their promiscuity and their infidelity, while, behind closed doors, these same people practice what they preach against. I remember when 50 Shades of Grey was THE thing to read a couple of years ago. I learned about it observing the women from one of the departments at my school twittering about the book during a faculty meeting. I wonder how many of the women in America read the book on their Kindle so that no one would be the wiser; or how many read it simply because they bowed to peer pressure, as I did.

Think about it. How many commercials have sexual overtones? Even a chocolate bar ad seems to be mimicking a sexual act, but, God forbid, we would ever do that in real life. Throughout our culture, the Madonna/whore complex is alive and well. Men who sleep around are considered simply men sowing-their-wild-oats. Women who sleep around, however, are whores.

Another eye-opening revelation is when I talk to others and realize that there are many more people, both male and female, recovering in silence from sexual abuse and rape. In our society, we are expected to face our issues and recover immediately. But that’s difficult when that dysfunction is not socially acceptable, isn’t it?

Once we decide whether this chakra is an issue for us, we can continue to develop the higher chakras. This one’s a biggie, though.

Here’s a little meditation help. As you listen to this tone, visualize an orange crescent moon over your tail-bone. Repeat as necessary.

I wish you good healing, my friends.

The Dragonfly’s Student