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Fly toward your Joy!

This witness has been spreading her wings to check out areas of this country that had previously been hidden to me.

Most recently, El Juglador and I traveled to Miami, where much of my family lives, and have been experiencing different worlds within the one we had known before. Those experiences include questions I had never muttered before. What is causing cancers that were never prevalent before? Why are so many suffering from allergies they had never before experienced? How are birds echoing whistles we taught their brothers miles away? Why do we avoid asking about people we wish were not in our life? Why do we prefer to think only of ourselves? Why do people prefer to remember the person you used to be rather than the new person you are? Why does the matrix entangle us so much that we can’t do what we really want?

No matter, really. The person you become when you start thinking about your thinking IS. It is the part of you that can find your Joy.

Joy is not found in the things you do or the people you know. It can not be bought at a store or found in a treasure chest. True joy, the kind that validates the Why of living, is found by doing what burns in your soul. I have found that it can be found when you listen to that little voice within yourself, in your gut, in your God essence, and ACT on what your heart calls out. Are you really alive in your day-to-day life? If not, why are you living someone else’s Joy?

If you are living your truth, congratulations, my friend. Keep going strong in your Truth and stand up for yourself, even with well-meaning loved ones who don’t understand. Maybe your Joy can be contagious. Maybe one day we’ll all be living in Joy and Truth, truly understanding why we were placed on this Being known as Gaia, truly understanding the quantum entanglement of Life.

The birds can be your brothers, as can the dragonflies, the trees, that park bench made from former living trees, that vehicle created with a myriad of Gaia’s gifts.

Think about your thinking, my friends, then think about your actions, connect it with the saying, As Above, So Below, then aim a little higher, outside the 3D existence, into the 4th, maybe even the 5th.

Shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars.

… as for us, we’re on the road again… 

What’s Life All About?

Not to answer, my friends, but to ponder.

What is the meaning of life? I mean, really. Is there some greater purpose? Is this all about a game we’re playing just for the shot at living on Earth and experiencing the 3D wonders of which we have grown weary? Is this simply a merry-go-round on which we’ve placed ourselves, living life after life with no end in sight until we’ve become good enough to enter the Kingdom of Heaven? Will there come a time when our learning is done and we have reached perfection with God? Will I be bored with the end of learning?

Sorry for the doubt. Maybe it’s all because my 40-something birthday is less than two weeks away. (Okay, 49. Sheesh, that was hard to write!) This may be a mid-life crisis, after all. All of the major milestones are behind me for a while: college degrees, husband, children, career … Maybe I’m looking for the next milestone. Maybe I’m scared that I’m running out of time.

I wonder if the answer is in books. Should I read The Secret and study the Law of Atrraction? Should I continue scouring the Bible and the internet for answers?

As the week winds down, the questions stab me:

  • Why are we here?
  • Is there some greater purpose?
  • Are we meant for something more?
  • Is the meaning of life simply to live the best life we can?

I know this question has been asked. I know religions have been formed around that question, the answer being to live like theĀ greats, likeĀ Abraham or Jesus or Buddha or Mohammed or other Ascended Masters. Their reason for existing was simply to give the rest of us an answer for that eternal question.

The truth seems to be there’s no way for anyone to answer this question for all of us. It’s a question that is for each of us to answer on our own based on our own truths, challenging ourselves as we strive for that semblance of perfection.

I definitely need to stop reading for a couple of days!

May your search for truth lead you in the right direction.




The Dragonfly’s Student