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Day 14, the Joys

Today’s #grayskychallenge is simple. It’s about joy; not just finding joy, but recognizing it. As I write this, kids are playing on this beautiful Saturday morning. Laughing and calling out to their friends. When an adult laughs, it affirms the joy I feel from across the street.

Why does the play of children bring joy? Is it their innocence or the childhood we remember? For me, it recalls the childhood of my sons most and of days gone by, days that cannot be replayed except in my memory. The joy, in that case, comes with tears, but only briefly. The tears are for a long-forgotten past that is never really forgotten.

The children continue playing, the sun continues warming, the birds still sing. And in my little home, my love replays his latest composition.

In the Midst of Her Grace, by D. Starkey

I am in my own joy.

Look for joy all around you, my friends.

Much love,

The Dragonfly’s Student


A gift for the Hopi

As we near the end of this part of our journey, my teacher and I stopped to leave a gift for the indigenous peoples of Turtle Island.

On that day, El Juglador played on the location of the Four Corners Monument. Tourist note, our turn took less time than the six pictures posed for by a family who went while we waited! 🙂

Please enjoy El Juglador’s version of The Wayfaring Stranger.The Wayfaring Stranger

The Wayfaring Stranger

I’m just a poor wayfarin’ stranger,
While travelin’ through this world below.
Yet there’s no sickness, no toil, nor danger,
In that bright land to which I go.
I’m goin’ there to see my Father.
And all my loved ones who’ve gone on.
I’m just goin’ over Jordan.
I’m just goin’ over home.
I know dark clouds will gather ’round me,
I know my way is hard and steep.
But beauteous fields arise before me,
Where God’s redeemed, their vigils keep.
I’m goin’ there to see my Mother.
She said she’d meet me when I come.
So, I’m just goin’ over Jordan.
I’m just goin’ over home.
I’m just goin’ over Jordan.
I’m just goin’ over home.


The Dragonfly’s Student