Stories from The Garden

The Monkey King shares these stories to remind us of the origins of Life on the Great Tree of Gaia, for he knows they foretell a Glorious New World, once the tales are understood by all of the Suns of God having human experiences.🙏❤

The Monkey King knows the Eternal Tales of Our Whirrled

Once upon a time, the Monkey King sat at the peak of the Great Tree that reached into the clouds in order to commune with his eldest son.

“My son, you have grown of age. I must now tell you of your inheritance. This tree is our life force. Our family uses it for sustenance – its branches support us; its coverage protects us; its fruit nourishes us. But it needs us, as well. It is our function to protect it from parasites that threaten to kill.”


The Monkey King gathered his children around him to tell once-again the story of First Male and First Female in the magnificent web of life in which they lived.

“Once there was a female who lived in Paradise with her brother. They had been directed to tend the garden and its inhabitants.”


Representation of The Mother
(From Belize, on 11/11/2013)

Creator God tells Monkey, “I require something of you and all creatures of Earth. Man is to be respected. He is brother to all my creations. Sadly, as will be required, His connection to me and The Mother will be severed, at first.

“He will think he is alone, and, at first, he will be as innocent as your own young. He will need guidance in the ways of survival until he learns to reach into his own Spirit Within to speak with me.”🙏