Why to check-out of the Rat Race

“The shackles that keep you are your own beliefs.” 

  •       YouTuber Age of Disclosure

When trapped in the matrix of work, traffic, and weekends, few of us take the time to find our own truths. It’s an almost impossible task. How can you admit something is missing in your existence if you haven’t stepped outside of yourself to see? And how can we truly find Creator God if we don’t allow His Words to make a mark in us?

Before you continue reading, please stop. Ask yourself if you are really ready to make a change in your life. This post has been sitting in my “Unpublished” folder for a long time. I was not ready to share this with myself, let alone with my friends. Finding your self is harder than quitting your job and leaving your life. There’s work that must cut into the cushioned reality you imagined. It will be abrupt. You will not understand at first, then you will not recognize the old you from the new. That, at least, has been my experience.

Here are some basic steps I have stumbled upon.

The TV must be off. I dumped my last one somewhere in Arizona. I think it was in a rusty dumpster. I hope no one was able to rescue that Beast! I found that the lies being broadcast on a daily basis dumped me into a depressed state of reality — Why can’t my life be like the lives of the characters on the TV shows? Why is life so hard and empty? Why does it feel like I’m living just to pay to live?

Once I turned the boob tube off, I stopped comparing myself to the fake reality on TV. Usually. (I still fall into that world at times.)

The internet can be a Godsend, if you use that Open Book of knowledge to expand your horizons and learn about the world in which you live. I’ve accessed research that is unavailable to many of us. I’ve found history that is missing from the history books. I’ve learned about truths that other nations know but has been hidden from most of us in America. I advise my friends to open their minds, but to use the internet wisely. Don’t fall for the voices that just mean to spread fear and division … it’s easy to fall for that if we’re not careful!

Social media can be mass hypnosis ….  It can also be a place for us to find what is missing in ourselves.

It’s a sticky subject. These online Friends seem to understand us better than our family does, although that could be because we are more honest with these long distance friends. That’s something to consider!  I have found a couple of real keepers who helped me get through the darkest times of this metamorphosis, but many others reflect a friendship based on the lies I was telling myself.

This is not a judgment on the quality of your friendships, but more a brutal truth about the lives many of us live. We look for Happiness, but don’t know how to find it, so we search outside our nine-to-five world. We work for the weekend, but the weekend is too brief to do everything we really want to do, so we search online in a world we don’t have time to find otherwise.

Meditation. This is more than taking a yoga class and chanting. Meditation requires allowing silence to enter your experience, then allowing it to help you find yourself.  

Learn to see the truth backwards. Why can I see the bottom of a mountain science tells me should be below the curve of the Earth? What is providing a night-light for China when the moon spends part of the day hovering over the day-sky in Miami? There are individual trees we are told are hundreds of years old, but why are there no forests on earth older than 200 years old? Why do long-haired astronauts insist on wearing their hair loose? (I’d be wearing mine in a bun to keep the hairs from wrapping around the equipment.)

Regroup. Once you’ve destroyed your reality, you’re going to have to find a new one again. Good luck with that. You’ll have to detach from a lot or your family will want to put you in a loony bin. Truth!

If any of these pointers resonate with you, then you’re ready to find yourself. If not, just ignore this post before it becomes your own ticking bomb.

We have been given a precious gift in this life. Use it wisely. Find yourself trapped in this world’s web of deception, free yourself, then find the God who has been waiting for you to knock on His door.

Most sincerely, 

The Dragonfly’s Student

The Healing Process

“Uncover your heart,” Teacher whispers. “It is time to dissolve the programming of the Ego mind.”

What? But I don’t really need to ask. I know by now. The programming of the Ego mind is what I call the “shoulda’s of the REAL world,” the world that binds us to the 3D. That 3D world is fading away, I am told. The 3D into the 4D, now dissolving into the 5D. The levels peeling away like the skins of an onion. It is time for the Now Moment of the Universal Heart and the healing process it allows.

Shrek said Ogres are like onions. We, also, are layered like an onion, each thin skin covering another thin skin until, eventually, our heart is uncovered — our essence, our Souls.

It is time to make the Impossible Possible. It is time to be healed, my friends. It is time to make our dreams come true.

The Dragonfly’s Student

The Candy Man Can

I’m afraid I’ve been thinking, again, and that admission may make my friends shudder, but, hear me out, please.

I was listening to another guru talk about our soul’s essence being fractured into several pieces, each piece living its own human existence in another body in another time and place. The goal of life is to bring all the soul pieces together again into one stronger, more wise being.

In meditation a little later, I saw a common, everyday, carnival mainstay, a cotton candy machine.

Just a mess of Creation…

I saw myself spinning in the center, strings of myself fanning out all around me,  waiting to be gathered. I tried to gather myself into something, but I made myself dizzy before accepting that I couldn’t. The web of my essence just kept fanning all around, just flapping strings of pink and blue sugar. I realized that what I needed was the Candy Man. Only He could gather my web into something solid.
What if our souls, the true essence of our being, were one stalk of sugar cane converted into a cup of sugar crystals? What if our crystallized bits were melted through the trials and tribulations of our human existence and poured into one gigantic machine in Big Al’s Rec Room, or God’s Carnival of Existence?

What if we were to stop fighting the Candy Man? What if we finally learn to make ourselves the best sugar crystal ever poured into a machine instead of trying to dictate the lives of others? What if that one crystal that first came to that realization finally convinced the others to do the same? What if they all allowed the Candy Man to Create a beautiful mold of cotton candy from the webs of our existence?

What if we are all, every single one of us, connected in this big game of life by the web of sugar crystals fanning out from the center of Creation?

What if we were to finally recognize the Candy Man as the final piece of the puzzle, the One Who will put us all back together again after our Great Fall from the Celestial Wall?

What if we were to simply say, “Yes, God, I believe I am ready. Do your thing.”?

What would the Candy Man do?

Just another random musing by me,

The Dragonfly’s Student

Pride is so difficult to ignore

On this American journey on which I am one traveler, I have not been alone. Most of you know that I set off with my puppy, Minnah, who is now an adult of three years, and some of you know the second traveler I called El Juglador to protect his privacy. David and I met because we had a similar spiritual mission to travel to the Hopi in Arizona and to points further west. We have continued together on our mission to be Servants of God because what we share is more than a spiritual connection to the Almighty. We three, David, Minnah, and I, share a connection that surpasses time itself. We are truly SoulMates.

One of the things I have learned on this journey is how to reach inside myself and find those parts of me that don’t meet up with what the Almighty has asked of us. The lessons, as I’ve detailed sometimes, are heart-wrenching and painful until I no longer resist. My latest lesson is that Pride comes with many faces. For me, it is one of the hardest things I have had to learn. My Ego, which has protected me from pain for most of my life, has been too proud to ask for help.

Recently, a friend reminded me that others like to feel needed, but if I don’t ask, it helps no one but that dark shadow that loves to keep us down.

I now “suck it up” to tell my readers about the most recent lessons I have had to encounter.

On my birthday last year (April 7,) David got me a real, honest-to-goodness, Starline twirling baton. You know, the kind the majorettes twirl as they lead the band in a parade or swing their magic at a football game. It was my 50th birthday and I felt like a child again as David taught me the skills he learned when he twirled in high school. Within days, we decided David would be picking up his old fascination again and competing in Disney’s TwirlMania this February. We resettled to Central Florida for the winter. Then, just weeks before the competition, he began to feel something just not quite right.

The day before, we went to an emergency room. He just needed help with the pain, or, maybe, something to help him breathe easier. Maybe an inhaler or some pain medication stronger than Motrin. The doctor ordered an Xray. I was not in the room when the doctor returned with the results. David stormed into the waiting room, intent on leaving. The doctor wanted to admit him; something about his lung. It was the day before the competition. There was no way he was going to miss this, he said.

As it is, he had to miss it. We hiked through the venue at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports complex in Kissimmee that hot day, David barely able to catch his breath. The one lasting memory we have is the little boy my son noticed watching us as we walked out. David stopped to catch his breath and say hi to this baton-twirling fan who reminded him of himself. We promised him David would be competing in the Men’s Masters the next day. We never made it. For the next few days, David lay in his bed in MJ, our RV, barely able to walk around.

I took over full duties with MJ, driving her around Orlando, hoping David would feel better, then driving us to my mother’s house in Miami. I pumped the gas, I drove, I, dumped and filled the tanks, I also smudged with sage and spread tobacco as part of our daily ceremonies … I took over every responsibility David and I had shared for the past two years. Well, almost. I still had problems jerry-rigging our generator to start the way the mechanic in New Mexico taught us.

Within a week of arriving in Miami, David gave in and admitted he needed help. March 8 we called 911. He couldn’t breathe and after walking just a few steps, he would pass out. One doctor said he wouldn’t have lasted more than six hours that day if he hadn’t sought help when he did.

That, I believe, was David’s lesson which mirrors mine today, when I created a GoFundMe account. But I don’t really believe this is anywhere close to what David had to go through. So I had to ask for help from my family and friends. Big, whoop! He had to admit that something insignificant was getting the best of him. He is truly a strong man that I love more deeply than words can say.

So this is the GoFundMe page I created: GoFundMe

March 8 David was rushed to the hospital when he couldn’t breathe. A common, non-contagious bacteria had collapsed his lungs when it took over his thoracic cavity. After 22 days, he was released from the hospital with a prescription to continue the aggressive antibiotic treatment. We cannot afford the bills. He has been assured his tribe, the First Nations Ojibwa in Michigan (Chippewa) can help, but he must apply in person.

After almost two years serving God throughout the nation, our last funds were able to bring us to my family in Miami, which has been very helpful throughout this ordeal. Minnah, our beloved dog, was well-cared for, and I found emotional support. I now find myself asking for financial help from my friends.

Please help us get David home to Michigan so he can get the treatment he needs in order that this bacteria is completely out of his system.

The treatment, we were initially told, would have to be for a year, but they amended it to five months. The name-brand medication prescribed for this aggressive treatment would cost $4,000 a month without insurance! (We found an alternative to that, but that’s what led me to finally admit we needed help.)

These past few years, we have been guided by our heart. We believe we were being led by a force much higher than ourselves who does not have to live in this 3D world in which most of us reside. We have been God’s hands and His voice, sometimes not even understanding the effects of our actions. We have trusted that God would provide, and the Almighty has definitely provided when we needed help in the past. In our travels, we have encountered human angels and I hope we have been human angels to those we have met along the way.

Today, I finally admitted that I have to allow others to be human angels, too. We can all play a part in this movie that has been produced and directed for us by something that cannot be defined, something that created all and sees all. Something that is defined as the Great I Am.

He is truly the ultimate Director. Will you play a part in His blockbuster or will you decide to be part of the audience, instead? Will you stop to help the man with the overheated engine on the side of the road? Will you give the lost tourist directions he can actually understand? Will you call you grandmother and remind her about the time you gave her the ceramic handprint in kindergarten?

Or, even more importantly, will you admit that you need help so that someone else can play the part of your angel?

Much love, my friends,

The Dragonfly’s Student


Busting the bonds of unbelievability

Today, I am sharing a guest post from a good friend, Oktobre Taylor. Oktobre and I have known each other since the days when I was attending the Dragonfly Teacher’s advanced studies class. She and I became detectives in discovering the truth behind the University I was attending in my Sacred Space. When I began traveling and living the lessons the Dragonfly taught, Oktobre continued with her research. Funny, we’ve come to similar realizations despite the time and the miles between us.

This is one of her latest information shares. I found it curious, although she and I agree it is still a rough idea of what could be going on.

The Virtual Reality, by Oktobre Taylor

“I have come upon some rather large revelations lately that most people will find rather hard to believe. It doesn’t matter what anyone believes right now because I know, soon enough, there will be proof of what I am saying in a pretty dramatic way. Everyone will be in awe and I will just be smiling because I know what is coming. I mean I really know. The great Wizard of Oz is about to come out from behind the curtain and you all will be amazed. There will be no wondering and confusion anymore…at least with the important details. This is a virtual reality. What you think of as “God and Satan” is just the people in the lab who built the program. And yes, they are always watching as though we are living the movie The Truman Show. Our true home is an Earth far into the future from this one when we have evolved into something truly amazing. There we understand that what we call “God” is the spark of life within every living thing…The plants, the animals the stones, the trees, the water, the air and us. This school is meant to teach you love and respect for everything and until you do, you can’t graduate. None of us are in here as long as we think. Since time doesn’t exist in a computer, all lives are, indeed, happening at once even though it feels more like the linear lives we experience at home. So, ladies and gentlemen, please place your chairs in the upright position. Fasten your seatbelt. Hold on tight, and don’t lose faith. Everything is going to be okay. The world may seem like it is falling apart when really it is falling — or colliding — into place,. into balance. And then *poof* like magic it will be Heaven on Earth. At least it will seem that way compared to the hell we have been witnessing lately.”

The reason I decided to share her post is because it reminds me of something that happened with El Juglador and me during the past two-plus years.

“It is so unbelievable,” El Juglador said in response to one particular bit of information we received.

“It needs to be, in order that the bonds of unbelievability are broken,” was the disembodied response. We have lived this truth since then, that our lives have been a blessed gift of grand magnitude. All of us have a gift to accept, a gift of tremendous love. Do you know the Giver of this gift? Maybe you should give Him your ear and listen?

I know this blog post is going to bust through some people’s sense of reality, but give me a chance to address this theory that has appeared in countless movies, TV shows, and books throughout the past 50-plus years, including Philip K. Dick’s short story, “We Can Remember It for You Wholesale,” made into the movies, “Total Recall.”

I remember when my son, William, got me hooked on a Japanese Manga show, “Sword Art Online,” Wikipedia, Sword Art Online. The premise of the show, similar to other TV shows and movies that have cropped up within the past fifteen or so years, is a highly anticipated Virtual Reality game. Within the game’s first hours of operation, the Players learn the game has been infected with a virus. It was no longer a game. The Players were stuck in this game until someone won it all. If they lost a battle and died, they died in the real world where their bodies lay with the goggles firmly placed on their faces.

That premise is terrifying to me. What if we were to get stuck in some similar game? Some people might think that’s a cool premise they would love to try out.

I think it would be a scary hell, having no control over my eternal soul simply because my body was hijacked.

Recently, this idea has been circulating the internet, What if this life we’re living is just a game we stepped into just to be the first ones in line, a bit like when a new iPhone comes out — you don’t really need it, but it would be cool to be one of the first to have that Dick Tracy-ish TV/radio/computer watch. What if while standing in the line that wraps around the Apple store, the doors get locked and you can’t get out until someone defeats the entire program? What if?

More and more scientists are getting into this theory. There’s even a Wikipedia page,

“The simulation hypothesis proposes that reality is in fact a simulation (most likely a computer simulation). Some versions rely on the development of a simulated reality, a proposed technology that would seem realistic enough to convince its inhabitants. The hypothesis has been a central plot device of many science fiction stories and films.

While I find this theory interesting and plausible, I am more likely to fall along the lines that the goal of this life is not to determine which storyline we chose to play through in the game, but rather, to remember who the player truly is. Who we are behind the mask.

I wonder if, rather, this game theory is a trap in itself, where we hand off the blame onto some random entity. This life we have been given is a gift given by the Creator of this world. Above all, we must not waste this gift. So how can we Honor the Creator and make the best of His Gift? Geez, I don’t know, but I’ve been getting some ideas that have made me think.

Teacher has been talking to me again of late, especially about this. It is not necessarily whether this reality is a game or a trap or a university; the goal is to find ourselves within the web of this blessed human existence. We shouldn’t look for our role in a game, our part in a movie. Maybe the best way to Honor the Creator is to honor our gift, the life we’ve been given?

There’s a place deep inside of me that guides me through my life. It is not necessarily what I “should” be doing in my life or what makes me feel happy. That deep place in my heart directs me. If I ignore it, it’s like my inner compass goes haywire and I feel like a liar. The truth is, I can’t tell you the secret to opening that special place in you. Only you can find the key that will help you “win the game” in the Virtual Reality sense or “find Heaven on Earth” in the goodly sense. Be true to yourselves, my friends. Find the truth that is born in your heart, the truth created by the Most High, then live it and live it fully, and, most importantly,

Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it, (Proverbs, 4:23.) 

Much love to you as you search for your gift,

Most faithfully,

The Dragonfly’s Student

The heart is the key

When you are being led by something in your soul, something that holds no definition in the real world, it will not stop calling out to you until you heed its call. That call feels as if you are being called by a Higher Power; that is because it is the truth. Accept that guidance. Follow your heart. It is the key to that kingdom within you wherein your Truth thrives.

It is difficult to write this; I have not taken to writing my deepest thoughts for a very long time because my focus has been on the physical path onto which I have been guided. At one time, the Dragonfly was my focus, my teacher, my guide. Once I took to the road, my guidance was all around me, in the three ravens that followed my travels, many times guiding my thoughts; it was in the weather that stirred up a storm when I took a wrong turn, then calmed when I turned back onto the correct road; it was in the eagle feathers that were placed in my path at the appropriate time to become another breadcrumb; it was in the interwoven olive trees that gave us shade, their plump fruits hanging off the branches of the female tree; it was in the lone black dragonfly in the desert symbolizing the blessing we had offered for the memory of a child taken too soon by a misguided man; it was in the lone elk standing proud in his being to welcome us to his land; it was in the flowers dotting the desert where they should not have been growing.

Along the way, I bid farewell to a part of me that could no longer serve me, a part of me stuck in an existence weighed heavy by the matrix all around. With heart-wrenching tears, I learned to study that part of myself that could no longer serve me and discard much of it. I recovered the beloved being within me and found my way back onto the path, the path back to the Essence of my Creator.

I recalibrated my energy, and resumed my journey. Then I lost my way. The signs and symbols guiding me became muddled. I still do not understand, but I have a strong faith in my belief that my Guidance is Divine. Still, I trudge through. Maybe I took a wrong turn, maybe the Guidance was misunderstood, maybe the road I was on took a detour because of delayed construction? Still, I trudge through.

Now is not the time to wallow in the mud of “What if.” Now is the time to grow stronger in our faith in the Higher Power that holds us in the palm of His hands. When confusion poppy-along-i-17reigns supreme, the time is ripe for new connections and new realities to take root.

I am like that lone poppy plant flowering along the arid Arizona highway, thriving off the minuscule atoms of water that help my seeds develop and blossom. As my heart reaches out for direction from above, I grow in my individuality, a blossom among thorns. I am strong. I am invincible.

For you, my friends, I write this to encourage your own travels, your own path to the Creator Essence. In my absence, some of you have discovered your own Higher Power direction. Some of you have taken to the path that burns in your soul. I congratulate you. I thank you. I welcome you to this reality into which we have chosen to develop.

Grow strong in that truth that burns in your heart. Take it on a journey within to reveal its essence. Become your own misplaced poppy plant and take root where the wind has dropped you. Please write to me and share your own journey. I would love to hear about what you have been doing to bless the burning fire within your soul.

Much love and Blessing to you,

The Dragonfly’s Student

The Parable of the Great Tree

When El Juglador and I wrote this story almost two years ago, I didn’t know what I know now. This story takes on a different meaning for me today. I hope you enjoy this re-posting.


The Dragonfly’s Student


Once upon a time, the Monkey King sat at the peak of the Great Tree that reached into the clouds in order to commune with his eldest son. “My son, you have grown of age. I must now tell you of your…

Source: The Parable of the Great Tree

… One Traveler's Testimony

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