It happened slowly at first. The voices read me stories that I turned into novels. Then I was led to a web site, chanellingerik.com, where I learned that the voices were my spirit guides. One in particular stood out because he was represented by a dragonfly.

As I moved along in my journey, I continued to open to Spirit. My life has changed tremendously since those early days of this process.

Back then, I identified myself as more than just a high school teacher, I was the author of Young Adult novels I hope to one day publish. My days were filled with my responsibilities to my students, my husband and sons, until the fated Day of the Dragonfly. Since then, my life has changed tremendously as Spirit guides me. My mind continually wanders to spiritual questions that are answered by the dragonfly whose voice remains in my head or by the new teachers who step in to enhance my learning as my journey continues past his graduate level classes.

In the beginning, it was all about the Dragonfly, then he left me alone to discover my own way. That’s when I met El Juglador, a talented musician and self-professed prophet who juggles through his spirit-inspired lessons.

A student of philosophy and all things spiritual, I search tirelessly for the answer to my soul’s questioning. The answer is out there somewhere in the musical inspirations that relay messages to me. Until I find the answer, I will keep my eyes locked on that second star to the right. Straight on ’til morning.

October 2016

As my travels continue, this blog will adapt….


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