Put on a happy face

#grayskychallenge update. 

I remember the song, “Gray skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face” from the musical “Bye, bye Birdie.” I loved musicals. I made the song my mantra.

Especially during my recent #grayskychallenge, the tune played in my head. What I found after my 30 day challenge was that gray skies did indeed clear up almost immediately because of the way I had decided to interpret the things that had been happening in my life.

That was early this month, ending 7/11/17, and the thing I’m realizing now is that sometimes, those rose-colored glasses I tend to put on are more like the blinders that keep horses from seeing the threatening fire so they can safely make it through the flames of the burning barn.

Interesting analogy….

The happy-days way to look at things is the method we humans have learned to make it through this life we’re living. We all have low points. We all stumble. We all wish for something better on this plane-tary experience we are living on Earth. 

We smile to help us feel better, but are smiles the masks we put on when the clown make-up has smudged off or are they a warrior’s shield?

We are spiritual beings trying to make the best of this human experience until we can make it back Home, where we feel safe in the arms of our Father. Putting on happy-face blinders may help us make it past the flames long enough to keep fighting the good fight.

Ah, but what about the next fire?

Can we forget the goal of our existence? Do we forget the goal? Yes, I think we can and we do, hence the need for the blinders and their rose tint. 

We forget and we lose the motivation to go on. If it weren’t for our loved ones, many may consider drastic means to rein in our exhaustion and make our own way Home. 

But it can’t work that way. We need to finish the race, so to speak. There is no short-cut. We are in a maze and there’s only one way out.

So, with that in mind, I encourage you to keep up the good fight. Stay strong in moments of weakness. Have Faith in the Father no matter how many of those around you have lost theirs. 

The Father wants to envelop you in His arms, but He’d prefer it be on His terms.

Namaste, my friends.

The Dragonfly’s Student


An afterthought

Have you ever felt like all of the work you do is unappreciated by those who should be most appreciative? I know you do. Many of us have felt that way.

The curious thing is those of us who have been there and felt that may just possibly have been guilty of this unappreciation themselves.

It’s easy to forget the secretary who cleared your schedule so you could have that special appointment you’ve worked so hard to get. 

It’s easy to forget the school custodian who cleans your classroom every night so that it can be just right for your students the next day. 

It’s easy to forget the person who is there for you when you need that difficult-to-reach zipper zipped or unzipped.

It’s easy to forget that guy who always makes sure you have what you need when you need it.

Why are we like this?

Are we so caught up in our day-to-day struggles to even consider the fact that, without these helpers, our struggles would be greater?

Do we wonder if they care to be appreciated?

Would you care? Of course you would. You are not evil or malicious. You are just like your helper, your secretary, the custodian, your assistant. Do they appreciate you?

Maybe we should take a moment to consider this world in which we live. Maybe we should be a little more grateful.

Being grateful is more than praying to God or your angels. To truly be grateful, maybe we should consider being grateful for the little things, the zippers, the fact the equipment you use every day is always functioning, the receptionist who always has a cheerful smile?

To truly be grateful when you pray, it’s the little things that count, I believe. 

It’s more than the once-a-year Christmas gift you give, it’s about showing them how much you appreciate them.

Take a look at your lives, my friends, and take the time to be truly grateful. 

I know I’m grateful for you. 


The Dragonfly’s Student

Day 30, Bring On the Rain

Today marks the last day of my #grayskychallenge, where I promised to find a silver lining to every cloudy day that appeared.

From the very beginning, I noticed something almost unmistakable. As soon as I turned my frown upside-down, as soon as I found a new way of seeing things, the situation polished itself like the shiny old pennies I found that one day. That realization is what many spiritual gurus inspire in us … we create our own reality. We have the power to live the dream we would like to live.

On this Day 30, I have also learned about myself and my situation. Whereas I am typically a Polly Pollyanna seeing the good in every person and in every situation, sometimes being that person can be exhausting, especially if, as I had done, the weight of the entire “silver-lining” search had fallen in my lap.

Sometimes, the silver linings that presented themselves were not situations I had expected. Sometimes, they were more than I had ever wanted and just as daunting a task.

I am exhausted. I’m looking forward to a rainy day when I can curl up on my couch and meditate on what I really want out of my life. And, on that rainy day, I promise to appreciate the dark clouds and the blessings they provide.

But I am far from converting from my #grayskychallenge. I learned during these past 30 days, that the power of the human mind is limitless. I created a reality for myself during this past month and the Universe was agreeing with me. The question I must address here is, do I understand what I’ve gotten myself into and is this something I really want? (Maybe, like those three shiny pennies, this was meant for someone else? This will be an interesting meditation!)

Enjoy the rain, my friends,

The Dragonfly’s Student

Day 26 and Rainbows

With a new day, inevitably, comes a bright sunrise. The lesson I am revisiting with this 26th day of my #grayskychallenge is that no matter how dark a situation can get, we should wait out the storm.  The sun is bound to come out from behind the clouds; it may not be tonight or tomorrow, but in some tomorrow sometime very soon, the sun will create rainbows for you, once again.

Wait for your rainbows, my friends.

The Dragonfly’s Student

Day 25, it’s tough

I’m tired of being Polly Positive, but I won’t give up. How can I, when I have found myself and the one true love of my lives over the past few years? I am more fortunate than many, I know. He says I am his Golden Ticket. He’s my Dream Come True.

I will remain positive, if only to be there for him when he needs this Polly in his life to share his joys as well as his disappointments.

But, of course, there’s one more thing I know as Truth. No matter how much the demons in this world take joy in causing suffering, I know I am protected by the shield of the Almighty God.

I found three shiny pennies today, the last one in the dark as I walked Minnah just now. Three is the number of the Trinity. What this tells me is that God is with me, during these times, especially.

All will be fine. Pollyanna is back! And this has been my hard-fought lesson today with my 25th #grayskychallenge. I think everything will work itself out.

Enjoy finding your way out of your own gray skies, my friends.

Much love,

The Dragonfly’s Student

Day 23 … 

I woke with energy for the ages. I couldn’t wait to start the next day of this portion of this marvelous journey, but what I expected wasn’t meant to be today. I guess 22 days of utter joy meant I had disappointment coming, at least in this 3D world that is so difficult to escape. 

I wasn’t prepared. 

I’m sure there are some out there who might be a little tickled to see me fall prey to those darned gray skies that torment many of us, but as I write this, the sun is poking itself out of hiding and is warming my face, 

“Cheer up,” he seems to say. “I don’t see any gray skies!” (Well, he didn’t really say that to me, but you get the picture.) 

I’m trying to take a photo of the sun, but it’s too darned bright for my camera! …. hmmm, maybe there’s something there. The sun is too bright to allow my gray skies to continue tormenting me. 

Ugh, okay. I give, my friends. I can’t allow my dark mood to gloom-out this wonderful South Lake Tahoe sunset. Instead, I’ll take a picture of the horse and buggy riding past my Mamma-Jamma RV.

I hope you, too, can find joy in little places today, no matter how stormy the weather.

All my love, 

The Dragonfly’s Student