Day 20, Perseverance

Some of us grew up thinking life would be handed to us on a silver platter. As a kid, I heard stories about famous actors who were discovered in diners or soda joints. They didn’t have to leave their friends to arrive alone and scared in the Big City. All it took was being in the right place at the right time, I believed.

It’s not that easy, my friends. It’s more than just believing, although that is a big key to winning the Big Dream Lottery.

You have to tear yourself from your comfortable, safe home if you want to make your dreams come true. You have to work for it. You have to step outside of what you think you know and expand your horizons. You have to prove yourself. You might have to live in what you used to consider ‘poverty’ and work your ass off. You have to face disappointment and never let it keep you down.

I’m living a dream right now, not only because El Juglador and I believed and have strong Faith, but because we set the GPS with that dream, turned the key in the ignition, then set off on that uncharted path, and that’s today’s #grayskychallenge: I am so grateful for our perseverance.

I urge you, my friends, to follow your dreams without Fear, then have faith that the universe will follow through for you.

Leave fear waving goodbye from the sidewalk.

Day 17, so easy

It’s become easy for me to see silver linings and the good heart in the man others believe an ogre, but with this #grayskychallenge of mine, it’s not just easy, it’s a breeze. It’s as if the universe has decided to play along with me. Even as the rest of the west coast melts, the weather agrees with me in my new temporary home in the mountains of California. 

I find joy in seeing my cousin share posts about his newborn son, or in the friends who turn to David to help “save the day” during rehearsal, or in the family shopping at Raley’s for a family picnic.

Little things, I know, but those things make me smile.

What made your day today, my friends?

I would love to hear your joys.

The Dragonfly’s Student

Day 14, the Joys

Today’s #grayskychallenge is simple. It’s about joy; not just finding joy, but recognizing it. As I write this, kids are playing on this beautiful Saturday morning. Laughing and calling out to their friends. When an adult laughs, it affirms the joy I feel from across the street.

Why does the play of children bring joy? Is it their innocence or the childhood we remember? For me, it recalls the childhood of my sons most and of days gone by, days that cannot be replayed except in my memory. The joy, in that case, comes with tears, but only briefly. The tears are for a long-forgotten past that is never really forgotten.

The children continue playing, the sun continues warming, the birds still sing. And in my little home, my love replays his latest composition.

In the Midst of Her Grace, by D. Starkey

I am in my own joy.

Look for joy all around you, my friends.

Much love,

The Dragonfly’s Student

Day 12 — Claim your power

#grayskychallenge … Yesterday, today, tomorrow. In the reality in which we live, sometimes it’s the little things that make the difference. I find that seeking out those things that bring joy can make the next day a little easier to live. Because, really, it is all about me in my reality, and it’s all about you in yours. No one can make you have a bad day, no one can force you to put on those dark shades to blind you from the light. Only we have that power in our own reality.

Did you have a bad day today? Did someone step on your toes and make you feel less than you are? I say that’s impossible. Someone may say or do something that hurts you, but you have the power to take that comment or that act, brush off your emotions, your reactions, and file it away with the other lessons you have experienced. Put it in the file cabinet and go into the next day ready to begin again.

Hopefully, we learn from the things that hurt us. Hopefully, we allow ourselves to grow to become an even better person, because, I say this again, no one can make us feel any way. That’s our power.

I choose to see the beauty in every day and ignore the chaos others see playing out on the TV news. Maybe that’s why this challenge of mine is so easy for me? I choose to live the joy I feel every day, not immerse myself in the world of TV and separation.

I say take off those dark shades shielding you from the light and enjoy the colors of the rainbow!

The Dragonfly’s Student

Day 10 — The joy of Gaia



Today, Minnah and I enjoyed the sunrise on this Solstice mornig …. (to me Solstice begins June 20 and runs through the 21st; don’t ask me why, that’s just a feeling I get.) Nothing could be a better addition to my #grayskychallenge than a morning in the midst of Gaia’s grace! 

Regardless of how the day went, nothing could dampen the joy that greeted this morning. So, Day 10 belongs to Mother Nature.feeling blessed at Heavenly Mountain.

Day 9 — Stand for your truth

#grayskychallenge, Day 9

Last night, I found a charming Fedora hanging on a Bob’s Barricade, as if waiting for me to come claim it. I’ve always loved hats, and Fedoras, especially. I wondered at the reason for that find. So, I did a little research on Online Etymology Dictionary:

fedora (n.)  type of hat, 1887, American English, from “Fédora,” a popular play by Victorien Sardou (1831-1908) that opened 1882, in which the heroine, a Russian princess named Fédora Romanoff, originally was performed by Sarah Bernhardt. During the play, Bernhardt, a notorious cross-dresser, wore a center-creased, soft brimmed hat. Women’s-rights activists adopted the fashion. The proper name is Russian fem. of Fedor, from Greek Theodoros, literally “gift of god.”

Sometimes, the true meanings of synchronicity don’t come until later.

This morning, finding a silver lining for my gray skies was a challenge. I had to fend through the frustrations of living in the real world, where being unique is not accepted. Many won’t pity me here, I know. I have spent these past few years trying to live my

truth and staying away from petty people who expect me to be just as caught-in-the-world, face-in-the-phone as I used to be and they still are. I had to meditate a little more than usual to come up with something positive to say. My inner guide thought I needed to explain my intentions for this life I am now living. I needed to reclaim my Truth.

Gift-from-God perched on the top of my head, now, I am ready to find the silver lining for day nine … and it is this, when the whirlwinds of the day try to rip me apart, I must remember my reason for being in this place at this time of my life. I must stay true to myself. I must never allow my shoulders to sag nor my head to bow. I must hold on to my hat and my identify, proudly proclaiming, “I am who I am in this life; I am Mari, I am Writer, I am The Dragonfly’s Student, and nothing anyone can do or say can make me forget that Truth!”

Week one update #gray-skychallenge

Dear friends,

I’ve been updating my progress on Facebook. I need to rethink my posting. Some of you are not on Facebook, and by keeping updates on one or two social media sites, I’m robbing you, my readers, on the lessons I’m learning.

Today, I’ll post Day 2 through Day 8, as they appeared, minus most photos.

Day 2’s #grayskychallenge smile is this Blue Jay who brought me a message: Jay teaches lessons of adaptation to any situations and learning quickly with a high intelligence. He gives access to memories long forgotten and shows how to assimilate them into awareness. He

demonstrates risk taking, seizing opportunities and discovering new avenues for exploration. He will show the power of intelligence and fortitude balanced with discreet silence and utmost patience in timing. #greattiming #happyday

Day 3 of #grayskychallenge is solitude day. Once upon a time, that used to be unsettling. Today, it’s #soulfood! There are things about ourselves we sometimes hide from ourselves! Today, I found another part of me. Smile!

What part of me did I find? I found that part of me who listens to Innate, our inner connection to Source. Sure, I’ve listened to her before, but many times I challenge her to prove that I should, and often I end the day saying, “I should have done that thing that popped into my head.” Today was different!

#grayskychallenge Day 4 finds joy in reawakening passions from days gone by when Mrs. Manning, Mr. Valente, and a private tutor named Jesus, fed my love of singing. Today, I start again with basic scales and YouTube accompaniment … it’s not really as easy as getting back on a bike!

Rekindle your own childhood passions, my friends.

#grayskychallenge Day 5 is about the true friendship and love I witness in those around me, from two former students saying goodbye once again, to a cashier and a customer exchanging a hello-again hug. True friendship means never having a final sunset, because there will be another sunrise down the road. #havefaith #truefriends

#grayskychallenge, Day 6 – remember our blessings! Too often, we forget or take things for granted. Today, I sit in awe of the man who was and is my partner on this journey. Whether he’s fixing our RV or making a baton out of a Goodwill golf club, David never ceases to amaze me! The “silver lining” part of this day for me (for I must add a personal lesson for it to fit this gray-sky challenge of mine) … on this journey with him, I have learned that anything is possible, even wild, magical dreams! I have learned that I, too, am capable of turning my life into my own “impossible dream” come true. And that is a lesson we should all take to heart — no matter our age or our upbringing, nothing is impossible if we are willing to put in the work and follow our heart. Now, it’s time I get off this beast-machine and get back to practice! #faithcanworkmiracles Have faith in yourselves, my friends! KNOW it will happen and the Universe will see to it that it does!

#grayskychallenge, Day 7 – laughter is the best medicine. I was reminded today that we can get caught up in the heaviness of this world just like a fly in a spider web; the more we try to break free, the more entangled we become in the heavy trap. It’s not worth the stress. Instead, look for the humor in it. I know, it’s tough to laugh when the spider is eyeing you, but sometimes the Universe reacts to positive vibes. Maybe you’ll luck out and the wind will swing a branch through the web and you’ll be able to hitch a ride out of your imagined trap.

Day 8 of #grayskychallenge … is the challenge of seeing yourself through the looking glass. I am not the one I see in the mirror. She is a reflection of what I show the world, but she’s not really me. She’s the one who fights to keep up appearances to the point that her truth is obscured in the mist of a hot shower. The real me is loving and positive of God’s love burning in my heart, but, like with Moses, I feel my body has been the source of a Divine battle between Archangel Michael and the devil.  Sometimes, even I don’t recognize what I’ve done until the mist has cleared and the devastation is evident. I am sorry to the point of tears for the damage my words or my actions have caused. … so where’s the silver lining to this gray sky? I Know I am forgiven. I Know the Creator loves me more than I can ever imagine, and all I need do is accept His forgiveness. The great thing is, we are all loved and we are all forgiven. Feel it, my friends. The Almighty I Am loves you beyond measure!