John’s Third Book of Revelation Restored

I feel betrayed. The Book of Revelation was NOT supposed to be altered!!! Those who shared the altered Word withheld the end of this prophetic book! The Bible we have been reading and those behind this betrayal will be cursed, according to the mandate in the book itself.

30:19 And if any man shall take away from the words of this Book of Prophecy, the Father shall take away his right to the Tree of Life and he will be cast out of the Holy City and will share not the eternal gift of paradise and bliss, which are written in this book.

I’m still reading up on this, but it sounds legit.


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John was given a third book to writing Revelation, but not liking what it said, THEY removed it from the Bible. It has been restored into the King of kings’ Bible; and is available to all as God a…

Source: John’s Third Book of Revelation Restored