Be real, it matters

My teacher is starting to spread his music and wise words. …

David D' Gilead

It seems some people in my life think I’m a strange one… That I should live the way they expect me to live..
“Be a real man! Why don’t you get a hair cut and a REAL job?” a friend asked me once.
This was my reply:

“In the forest there was a crooked tree & there was a straight tree. Every day the straight tree would say to the crooked tree,  “Look at me… I’m straight, I’m tall & I’m handsome. Look at you..YDavid and the laser on Shastaou’re crooked, all bent over & you’re ugly. Nobody wants to look at you.”

They grew up in the forest together.

     One day the loggers came. They saw the crooked tree & they saw the straight tree, & they said “just cut down the straight tree and leave the crooked one”. So they cut the straight tree down…The straight tree became lumber, toothpicks, &…

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