I’ve stopped counting the days

When nothing matters but the peace in my soul, does that mean I’ve met my goal for this journey of mine?

I want to say yes, and yet I want to say no. I know who I am in my soul now, getting closer to knowing her better, but she’s still an image flickering on an 8mm reel.

I’ve stopped moving. Stopped running away. I’ve given myself a chance to catch up finally. Spending my time feeding and entertaining Minnah or in meditation in this safe place.

This is what I’ve needed, but it feels so awkward. Doing nothing feels so wrong! I guess I’m not doing nothing. They tell me we spend too much time outside of our selves. We need to give ourselves the freedom to do nothing.

Until I can do that regularly, that part of myself I have met will remain only a casual friend.

I am the chair in this picture I took….


The metaphor will have to come later. I’m still making sense of it.

As the journey continues, I am faithfully

The Dragonfly’s Student


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