Seeing through the clutter

Seeing through the clutter

“There’s a place for all of us. That’s what you always tell us,” I say, pacing the carpet in front of the couch in his office. “Everyone seems to have a place but me. Where do I fit in?”

“Oh, dear writer, you have the most important task of all.”

I want to believe Teacher, I really do, but it feels like he’s feeding me empty lines.

Then he shows me what he means.

He takes me to a mountaintop as the sun sets just past the trees. “You see that?” he says. “Look at how the filter of the tree’s leaves focuses the sunlight. It is just as brilliant as it would be without the filter, but the message is more pointed and easier to see.”

He turns me to face him.

“That is you. You take my lessons and focus them so your readers can learn a little easier. You filter my words so that others will understand.

“That is your purpose. A pretty effin amazing purpose, if you ask me.”