The Dream: Without A Net

“My hands securely clutched the rock face as I travelled through the air like a seven-year-old on monkey bars, except I’ve never been able to cross those playground bars as easily as I travelled on those ledges I grasped, then I wondered what I was crossing and it was like a movie.”

I lock my eyes onto my classmate’s chocolate ones hidden behind heavy lids.

“My point of view pulled back to show me crossing precariously on narrow ledges of a bottomless cliff.”

My Irreverent friend nods, his eyes just a little more open than hey’d been just a few moments before. “What did you do?”

“I woke up. The realization scared me — I was climbing without a net.”

“But it didn’t frighten you before?”

“Nah, before that I was Tarzan, flying through the air on a mission. It was cool, actually. I liked having that strength and I absolutely loved the feeling of coasting through the air. It changed when I realized that one slip and I could fall to my death.”

“What do you think it means?”

I shrug and glance around the classroom, hoping that our teacher has heard me from his perch somewhere between his world and ours.

I think this is something I must decipher on my own. One thing is crystal clear, though. I was without a care in the world when I was probably in the most danger.

Maybe you, my friends, can help.

Until later, I remain your classmate and forever …

The Dragonfly’s Student


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